Primary Election Day is August 6th
General Election Day is November 5th

Ballots are mailed 20 days before election day

Be on the lookout for your ballot to arrive by mail at your voting address a few weeks before Election Day!
If your ballot has not arrived, please contact King County Elections for a replacement ballot.

Fill out your ballot

Your ballot may be multiple pages so fill out the front and back of all pages. Completely fill in the oval next to your vote. The oval should be solidly filled in within the borders.

Seal and sign your ballot

After removing the stub at the top of your ballot, follow the directions on the ballot and seal the envelope. Make sure to sign and date the outside of the envelope!

Submit your ballot

To submit your ballot you can either mail it or drop it in any King County Elections certified ballot dropbox. You don’t need a stamp to mail your ballot, postage on ballots is free.

Ballot drop box locations in King County:

King County Elections Office is right here in Renton:
919 SW Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057

Need help with voting?

Please visit the King County Elections website or contact King County Elections at 206.296.8683 or email at

Register to vote or change your Washington state voter address at