Renton Firefighters IAFF Local 864
Renton Education Association – TEACHERS
Renton Education Support Professionals – EDUCATORS
Issaquah Education Association – TEACHERS

Kent Education Association – TEACHERS
AFT Washington – Renton Technical College EDUCATORS and Renton Schools Support Staff

Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund PAC
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587
APACE – Asian Pacific-Islander Americans for Civic Empowerment
Eastside Small Business Coalition
Equal Rights Washington
Humane Voters of Washington (welfare of animals)
Laborers Local 242
MLK Labor
NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
National Women’s Political Caucus
OneAmerica Votes
Pacific NW Carpenters Council – Locals 30, 41, 816
Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii
Seattle King County REALTORS

Sierra Club of Washington
United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 32
Washington Bikes
Win With Women Washington

5th District Democrats
11th District Democrats
33rd District Democrats
37th District Democrats
41st District Democrats
48th District Democrats
King County Democrats
King County Young Democrats
Democrats for Diversity & Inclusion
WA State Democratic Municipal Officials
Fuse Washington – recommended candidate

Chinese Post newspaper
Northwest Asian Weekly newspaper

Northwest Vietnamese News – Người Việt Tây Bắc
The Seattle Medium newspaper

“Maxwell has a firm grasp of the issues and is poised to lead Renton in the right direction. With so much growth taking place in Renton, Maxwell’s relationships throughout the County will help make sure Renton does not get overlooked.”
– The Seattle Medium, weekly regional newspaper owned by and serving communities of color

* organizations included for identification only   

Adam Smith, 9th District, US Congress

Jay Inslee, Governor, Washington State
Bob Ferguson, Attorney General, Washington State
Hilary Franz, Public Lands Commissioner, Washington State
Chris Reykdal, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington State
Trudi Inslee, First Lady, Washington State

Sam Amira, Renton, Commissioner, Water District 90
Ric Anderson, Renton, Commissioner, Water District 107 & retired Renton Police
Sherry Appleton, State Representative, 23rd District – Local Government Chair
Dave Asher, City Councilmember, Kirkland
Lydia Assefa-Dawson, City Councilmember, Federal Way
Lesley Austin, Former School Board Director, Issaquah School District
Claudia Balducci, King County Councilmember & Former Mayor, Bellevue
Bruce Bassett, City Councilmember & Former Mayor, Mercer Island
Mariah Bettiste, City Councilmember, Issaquah
Dr. Avanti Bergquist, School Board Director, Renton School District
Steve Bergquist, State Representative, 11th District

Debbie Bertlin, Mayor & City Councilmember, Mercer Island
Angela Birney, City Council President, Redmond
Siri Bliesner, School Board Director, Lake WA District (formerly of Renton)
Pat Braman, former School Board Director, Mercer Island Schools
Bobbe Bridge, Retired Supreme Court Justice, WA State
Fred Butler, Former Mayor & Former City Councilmember, Issaquah
Lisa Callan, State Representative, 5th District
Ryan Calkins, Commissioner, Port of Seattle
Jen Carter, Commissioner, Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District
Frank Chopp, Former Speaker of the House / State Rep, 43rd District
Dan Clawson, Former City Councilmember, Renton
Judy Clibborn, Former State Representative, 41st District
Dow Constantine, Executive, King County

Mona Das, State Senator, 47th District
Barb de Michele, Former School Board Director, Issaquah School District
David Della, Former City Councilmember, Seattle
Rod Dembowski, King County Council chairman (formerly of Renton)
Grant Degginger, Former Mayor & Former City Council, Bellevue
Lynn Desmarais, School Board Director, Renton School District
Zachary DeWolf, School Board Director, Seattle School District
Manka Dhingra, State Senator, 45th District
David D’Souza, School Board Director, Mercer Island
Brian Emanuels, Former School Board Director, Mercer Island
Debra Entenman, State Representative, 47th District & Renton Technical College Trustee
Jessyn Farrell, Former State Representative, 46th District
Jake Fey, State Representative, 27th District – Transportation Chair
Brenda Fincher, City Councilmember, Kent
Joe Fitzgibbon, State Representative, 34th District – Environment Chair
Connie Fletcher, Former School Board Director, Issaquah School District
Aurora Flores, School Board Director, Manson School District
Ava Frisinger, Former Mayor & Former City Councilmember, Issaquah
David Frockt, State Senator, 46th District
Janet Frohnmayer, Former School Board Director, Mercer Island
Jean Garber, Former Mayor & Former City Councilmember, Newcastle
Don Gerend, Former Mayor & Former City Councilmember, Sammamish
Brian Giannini Upton, School Board Director, Mercer Island
Dick Gidner, Renton, Commissioner, Water District 90
Mary Jane Glaser, School Board Director, Tahoma School District
Roger Goodman, State Representative, 45th District – Public Safety Chair
Dan Grausz, Former City Councilmember, Mercer Island
Mia Gregerson, State Representative, 33rd District
Drew Hansen, State Representative, 23rd District – Higher Education Chair
Leslie Harris, School Board Director, Seattle
Margaret Harto, City Councilmember, Covington
Bob Hasegawa, State Senator, 11th District
Gloria Hatcher-Mays, Commissioner, Fire District 10
Dennis Higgins, City Councilmember, Kent
Claudia Hirschey, Former City Councilmember, Newcastle
Ken Hoben, Former School Board Director, Renton
Kathy Huckabay, Former Mayor & City Councilmember, Sammamish
Zack Hudgins, State Representative, 11th – Innovation, Technology & Economic Development Chair
Don Jacobson, Former School Board, Renton & Former Valley Commissioner

Laurie Jinkins, State Representative, 27th – Civil Rights & Judiciary Chair / Incoming Speaker of the House
Claudia Kauffman, Former State Senator, 47th District
Satwinder Kaur, City Councilmember, Kent
Sean Kelly, Mayor & City Councilmember, Maple Valley
Shelley Kloba, State Representative, 1st District
Jeanne Kohl-Welles, King County Councilmember
Kate Kruller, City Councilmember, Tukwila
Patty Kuderer, State Senator, 48th District – Housing Chair
Mari Larimer, City Councilmember, Kent
Matt Larson, Mayor, Snoqualmie
Kevin Laverty, Former School Board, Mukilteo & State Board of Education
Alisa Louie, School Board Director, Renton School District
Eden Mack, School Board Director, Seattle School District
Hank Margeson, City Councilmember, Redmond
Chris Marks, Former School Board Director, Bellevue
Tola Marts, City Council President, Issaquah
Krystal Marx, City Councilmember, Burien
Kyoko Matsumoto, Mayor, Mountlake Terrace
Jimmy Matta, Mayor, Burien
Jim Mayhew, City Councilmember, Snoqualmie
Joan McBride, Former State Representative, 48th & Former Mayor, Kirkland
Joe McDermott, King County Councilmember & Former State Senator
Dr. Dave Myerson, Former School Board Director, Mercer Island
Janice Nelson, Former School Board Director, Auburn
Joe Nguyen, State Senator, 34th District
Amy Ockerlander, Mayor & Former City Councilmember, Duvall
Tom Odell, Former Mayor & Former City Councilmember, Sammamish
Vicki Orrico, Trustee, UW Medicine-Valley Medical Center
Tina Orwall, State Representative, 33rd District

Lori Oviatt, School Board Director, Riverview School District
Jon Pascal, City Councilmember, Kirkland
Mike Pellicciotti, State Representative, 30th District
Eric Pettigrew, State Representative, 37th District
Joy Poff, Former School Board Director, Renton
Gerry Pollet, State Representative, 46th District
Cindy Poysnick, Former School Board Director, Puyallup
Bill Ramos, State Representative, 5th District
Kristine Reeves, State Representative, 30th District
Kim Reykdal, School Board Director, Tumwater School District
Chris Roberts, City Councilmember, Shoreline
Lynne Robinson, Deputy Mayor & City Councilmember, Bellevue
Christine Rolfes, State Senator, 23rd District – Budget Chair
Cindy Ryu, State Representative, 32nd – Community, Housing & Tribal Chair
Rebecca Saldana, State Senator, 37th District
Verna Seal, City Councilmember, Tukwila
Mike Sells, State Representative, 38th District – Labor & Workplace Chair
Tana Senn, State Rep, 41st – Human Services & Early Learning Chair
Carol Simpson, City Councilmember, Newcastle
Mariane Spearman, retired Superior Court Judge, King County
Michael Spearman, retired Superior Court Judge, King County
Derek Stanford, State Senator, 1st District
John Stokes, City Councilmember & Former Mayor, Bellevue
Pamela Stuart, City Councilmember, Sammamish
Pat Sullivan, State Representative, 47th District – Majority Leader
Steve Tharinger, State Representative, 24th – Capital Budget Chair
Gael Tarleton, State Representative, 36th District – Finance Chair
Pam Teal, School Board Director, Renton School District
My-Linh Thai, State Representative, 41st District

Nancy Truitt Pierce, School Board Director, Monroe School District
John Urquhart, King County Sheriff, retired
Kevin Van De Wege, State Senator, 24th – Ag, Water, Resources & Parks Chair
Carol Van Noy, School Board Director, Riverview
Tom Vance, Former Mayor & Former City Councilmember, Sammamish
Ray Vefik, School Board Director, Auburn
Velma Veloria, Former State Representative, 11th District
Maya Vengadasalam, School Board Director, Kent School District
Karen Vialle, School Board Director, Tacoma & Former Mayor, Tacoma
Joel Wachs, Former City Councilmember, Mercer Island
Amy Walen, State Rep, 48th District & Former Mayor, Kirkland
Suzanne Weaver, School Board Director, Issaquah School District
Lisa Wellman, State Senator, 41st District – Education Chair

Bill Williams, Former School Board Director, North Thurston District
Claire Wilson, State Senator, 30th District
John Arthur Wilson, Assessor, King County
Benson Wong, City Councilmember, Mercer Island
Bryan Yambe, City Councilmember, Fife
Rich Zwicker, Former City Councilmember, Renton

“Marcie Maxwell has been a committed champion for Renton at every level. Her Renton school board, state legislative and small business experience makes Marcie a proven leader who will move Renton forward.”
– State Representative Steve Bergquist, Renton

*organization affiliations for identification only

Dawn Abbott, Seattle
Hamdi Abdulle, Kent
Norm Abrahamson, Renton
Sujata Acharya, Renton
Robin Adair-Marshall, Renton
Audrey Adams, Renton
Joan Addington Bonillas, formerly of Renton
Marcy Adelman, Renton
Rajendra Agrawaal, Renton
Lily Aguilar, Sammamish
Carlos Alaniz, formerly of Renton
Erin Albanese, Sammamish
Peggy Albin, Bellevue
Suzy Albrecht, Renton
Peggy Alhadeff, Bellevue
Khwaja Ali, Renton
Marlene Allbright, Seattle
Rachel Almeleh, Renton
Cathy Ames, Seattle / retired Renton educator
Juls Amidala
Charlene Amira, Renton
Kalisa Amparo & Tom Amparo, Renton

Abdiazis Adan, Renton
Leslie Anderson, Renton
Susan Anderson, Bellevue
Van Anderson, Bellevue
Madeline Angel, Renton
Sylvia Angel, Issaquah / formerly of Renton
Susan Appleton, Sammamish
Jane Aras, Bellevue
Cassandra Armstrong, Co-Legislative Director / King Co. Young Democrats
Gary Arthur, Renton
Jahkar Aujla-Singh, Renton
Jim Austin, Sammamish
Pat Auten, Renton
Becky Babcock, past president Renton Education Support Professionals
Thadine Bak, Renton
Dr. Gita Bangera & Oliver Bangera, Renton
Mike Barer, Maple Valley
Ernie Barber, Renton
Gary Barber, Renton
Aaron Barfield, Renton
Jeremy Barksdale, Bellevue, City of Bellevue Planning Commissioner
Ann Greer Barnes, Auburn / formerly of Renton
Joy Barney, Renton
Dr. Chris Barry, Renton
Deedee Bashaw, Renton
Elizabeth Baska, Mercer Island
Carin Goodman Bass, Renton
Nannette Bassett, Mercer Island
Cahney Battson, Renton
John Baumann & Marsha Baumann, Renton
Gina Baxter, Renton
Suki Bazan, Seattle
Beth Bazley, Sammamish
Susan Underbrink Baxter, Renton
Ann Becker, Bonney Lake / formerly of Renton
Dawn Bennett, Kent, chairman African American Leadership Forum
Ron Bennett, Renton
Robin Bentley & Sean Bentley, Bellevue
Cheryl Berenson, Seattle
Carole Berg, Renton
Wesley Bergquist, Renton
Putter Bert
Karen Besserman, executive director Emerge Washington
DeMarco Best
Sara Betnel, Shoreline
Jay Biederman & Kathy Biederman, Renton
Hira Singh Bhullar, Kent
Eric Black, Issaquah / formerly of Renton
J. Paul Blake, Renton
Gary Blanchard, Renton
Harry Blencoe & Janet Blencoe, Renton
Marta Bloss, Renton
Jim Blundred & Phoebe Hill-Blundred, Renton
Andrea Blustein & Paul Blustein, Renton
Simone Boe, Olympia
Nancy Boespflug, Newcastle
Angela Sheffey Bogan, Seattle / formerly of Renton
MaryEllen Bolden, Renton
Robert Bonner, Renton, former City of Renton Planning Commissioner
Rache Boston, Renton
Catherine Boys, Renton

Carole Branom, Mercer Island
Julie Brauff, Renton
Nicole Brewer, Renton
Jon Bridge, Seattle
Maureen Briere Huff, Renton
Fae Brooks, retired deputy chief, King County Sheriff’s Office
Claudia Browers, Bellevue
Kim Browne, Renton, co-founder Kennydale Neighborhood Association

Tricia Brush, Renton
Joe Bryant, Bellevue
Keitha Bryson
LarKen Buchanan, Return to Renton Car Show
Aaron Buckner & Rachel Buckner, Renton
Clara Buller, Renton
Julia Buller, Renton
Sun Burford, Newcastle
Chuck Burks, Renton
Cynthia Burns, Renton, City of Renton Parks Board
Bob Burr & Noreen Burr, Renton
Tracy Burris, Auburn
Fernando Burton & Mary Burton, Renton
Uzma Butte, Kirkland
Elizabeth Byrd, Renton
Cece Callen & Scott Callen, Renton
Sena Camarata, Renton
Gina Cari, Renton
Brad Carlson, Renton
Kathy Carpenter, formerly of Renton
Lori Carter, Renton
Carter Case & Steve Case, Renton
Chad Cashman-Crane, Renton
Lani Cavit & Steve Cavit, Renton
Jane Chadsey, former Renton School District administrator
Diana Chang & Eddie Chang, Bellevue
Mij Charbonneau, Renton
Michael Cheever, Seattle
Cheryl Christensen, Renton
Joanne Cisneros, Bellevue
Laurie Clark, Renton
Laura Clawson, Renton
John Clayton & Patricia Clayton, Renton
Kathy Clayton
Linda Clifton, Seattle
Teresa Clymer-Flora, Renton
Laura Colasurdo & Luke Colasurdo, Renton
Cynthia Collie, Renton
David Combs, Redmond
John Comerford
Shasti Conrad, Seattle
Karen Cooper, retired executive NARAL Washington
Michael Cornell, Seattle
Ron Cornilles & Ruthie Cornilles, Renton
Gene Craig & Judy Craig, Renton
Larry Crim, Renton
Brett Crueger, Renton
Robert Cruickshank, Seattle
Margaret Cuevas, Seattle
Robert Cugini, Renton business owner
Lee Cummings, Renton

Cynthia Curtis & James Curtis, Renton
Leatta Dahlhoff, Tumwater
Jon Danielson & Marilyn Danielson, Renton
Debadutta Dash, Seattle
Paneen Davidson, Mercer Island
RaShelle Davis, Tacoma
David Dean & Gayle Dean, Renton
Linda DeCample, Renton
Evelyn DeCerce, Renton
Rich DeLorme, Renton

Jeanne DeMund, Renton Airport Advisory Committee
Steve Denison, Renton
Gina Dichter & Steve Dichter, Bellevue
Tam Dinh, Mercer Island
Maryann DiPasquale, Renton
Dawn Diss, Renton
Sheelah Doherty, Renton
Brendan Donckers, Seattle / formerly of Renton
Josh Donion, Seattle
Wendy Dore, Bellevue
Marty Duke, Renton
Mary Duncan, Renton
Lori Dunn, Maple Valley
Anne Dutra & Joe Dutra, Renton
Karin Duval, Redmond
Tracy Dyson, Renton
Pam Eakes, Seattle
Richard Eastern, Bellevue
Karen Easton, Renton
Tom Easton, Renton business owner

Sue Edwards, Renton
Ahmed Egal, Renton
Debbie Ellenwood Gowin, Renton
Richard Erwin, Mercer Island
Eric Evans, Bellevue
Sandi Everlove, Seattle
Mollie Ewing, Renton
Lisa Fabatz, Renton
Hilke Faber, Seattle
Carrie Fannin, Renton
Rollin Fatland, Seattle
Tana Feighner Peterson, formerly of Renton
Elayna Ferguson, Renton
Andrew Fickes, formerly of Renton
Chris Fitzgerald & Priscilla Fitzgerald, Renton

Connie FitzPatrick, Gig Harbor
David Fleetwood, Renton, City of Renton Planning Commissioner
Roger Fleming & Theresa Fleming, Renton
Jennifer Flood, Mercer Island
Bill Flora, Renton
Linda Floyd, Mercer Island
Samantha Fogg, Seattle
Paul Forsander, Renton
Sonia Foss, Renton
Laura Fouts & Michael Fouts, Renton
Chris Franco & Jamie Magnuson Franco, Renton

Phyllis ‘Bunker’ Frank, Yakima, former WA State Board of Education
Sara Franklin, WA State African American Commissioner
Kathleen Friedman, Bellevue
Angela Furukawa, Renton
Nancy Charles Fulwiler, Seattle
Sandy Gady, Renton
Emma Gallagher, Renton
Rebecca Gallagher, Renton
Juanita Galloway, Renton
John Galluzzo, Renton business owner 

Jo Ann Garrett, Renton
Bill Gaw, Renton business owner
Cathia Geller, Sammamish
Jolene Gensheimer, Bellevue / Hazen parent & Liberty High teacher
Susan Gerend, Sammamish
Minal Ghassemieh, Sammamish
Jen Giannini Upton, Mercer Island
Dr. Dolores Gibbons, Retired Superintendent, Renton School District
Jill Gifford, Renton
Russ Gilbert & Stephanie Gilbert, Renton
Joseph Gillis, Renton
Darcy Gimmestad, Renton

Robin Gitelman, Sammamish
Susan Glicksberg, Issaquah
Elaine Goddard & Scott Goddard, Renton
Cheri Goeres, formerly of Renton
Carmen Goers, Auburn
Ettie Goldy, Renton
Som Gollakota, Renton
Carin Goodman Bass, Renton
Leon Goodman, Bellevue
Corin Goodwin, Renton
Roxanne Gossard, Renton
Mark Gottschalk & Rhonda Gottschalk, Bellevue
Rosivale Grace, Renton
Charles Grass, Renton business owner
Ann Green, Renton
Shelley Green, Renton

Jaime Greene, Renton
Roberta Greenwood, Seattle
Earl Greiner & Nancy Greiner, Renton
George Griffin, West Hill
Cindy Gross, Bellevue
Breanne Grubbs & Kyle Grubbs, Renton
Gretchen Guhlke, Renton
Clarence Gunn, Bellevue
Reyna Gustav, Bellevue
Rob Guthrie, Renton business owner
Jim Hafner & Peggie Hafner, Renton
Todd Hahn, Renton
Betsy Leonard Halberg, formerly of Renton
Kevin Halela, Newcastle
Randi Halela, Bellevue
Sally Halela, Renton, founder South County Cats

Lisa Halfon, Renton
Eddie Hall & Valorie Hall, Renton
Karen Hallgrimson, formerly of Renton
Leslie Hamada, Covington, City of Covington Human Services Commission & incoming Kent School Board
Debbie Hancock, Renton
Mark Hancock, Renton
Bill Hanson & Debbie Hanson, West Hill
John Hansen, Renton
Evelyne Hanson, Renton
Paula Harper-Christensen, Sammamish
Jane Hashash, Renton
Toshiko Hasegawa, Director, WA Asian & Pacific Islander Affairs Commission
Becky Haver, Renton
Kathleen Heiman, Preston
Darci Henderson, Renton
Tamarra Henley, Renton
Dorothy Henry & Paul Henry, Renton

Kay Hermann, Newcastle, retired Renton School District administrator
Elizabeth Hernandez, Renton
Annie Hetzel & Lee Reynolds, Renton
Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel, Former Superintendent, Renton School District
Marc Hill, Renton
Amy Hobson, Renton
Bill Hochberg, Mercer Island
Kevin Hockley, Mercer Island
Tula Holmes, Renton
Allison Holz, Renton
Greg Hoover, Sammamish
Patty Horvath, Newcastle / formerly of Renton
John Houston, Renton
Karen Howe, Sammamish
Karla Howell, Renton
Stacy Huang, Renton
Teresa Hundelt, Renton

Lori Hyde, Renton
Kate Ingalls & Roger Ingalls, Bellevue
Karen Iosua, Indian Wells
Linda Isenson, Tacoma
Michael Itti, Seattle
Janine Jacobs, Newcastle
Pearl Jacobson, Renton
Sue Jahnke, Renton
Ed James, Renton
Gail James, Seattle
Fred Jaques, Renton

Dr. Paul Jensen, Bellevue, Renton business owner
Vickie Jesse, Renton
Alex Johnson, Snoqualmie
Dave Johnson & Karlene Johnson, Renton
Freedom Johnson, Renton
Kathy Johnson, Maple Valley / formerly of Renton
Julie Johnston, Renton
Karen Q Jones, Renton
Sally Jones, formerly of Renton
Mary Ellen Judd, Issaquah
Melody Kahler, Renton
Matthew Kanter, Seattle
Andy Kaplowitz, Renton
Teri Katzer, Renton
Karen Kawamoto, Renton
Jerry Kavesh & Michelle Kavesh, former Renton business owners
Christina Kelly, Renton
Fran Kennedy-Ellis
Elaine Kerns, Renton
Patty Kerston
Heena Khatri, Bellevue
Mike Kidd, Renton
Carol Killingsworth, Fall City
Balbir Kindra, Renton
Lynne King & Mike King, Renton
Debbie Kinson, Sammamish
Stephanie Ko, Renton
Lisa Kodama, Mercer Island
Anitha Kolukula, Renton
Melissa Korda, Renton

Elaine Kraft
Greg Krape, Renton
Paul Krasnowsky, Mercer Island
Barbara Krauss, Sammamish
Rachel Krinsky, Renton
Vanessa Kritzer, Redmond, City of Redmond Planning Commissioner
Anne Kroeker, Des Moines
Dennis Kroft, Renton
Debra Kumar, Bellevue
Sana ‘Sue’ Kurian, Renton
Anthony Kusske, Renton
Ray Kusumi, Renton
Chris Krystofiak
Lorrie LaBranche, Renton
Gordon Lam, Renton
Lisa Lam, Renton business owner

Gwen Lamb, Renton
Susan Lander, Bellevue, retired Renton School District administrator
Mindy Landsman, Mercer Island
Chuck Laney, Renton
Jill Larson & Paul Larson, Renton
Steve Lavender, Renton
Fran Lawren
Nancy Lee, Mercer Island
Priscilla Lee, Renton
Wendy Lehman, Tulalip
Ron Leibsohn, Mercer Island
Kevyn Leiner & Pamela Dunning, Renton

Patrick Leonard, formerly of Renton
Eric LeVine, Seattle
Jay Leviton, Renton, retired Renton School District administrator
Kathy Leviton, Renton

Diane Lewis & Ray Lewis, Newcastle
Kevin Lim, Renton
Lorita Lin, Renton
Eva Lindahl, Renton
Chandra Lindquist, Renton
Mary Lindquist, retired WA Education Association president
David Lippman, Renton
Vikki Littleman, Renton
Julie Lomax, Renton
Renee Look, Renton
Nancy Loorem, Whidbey Island
Rudy Lorber, Renton
Linda Lorentsen, Renton
Matt Loschen, Redmond
Beth Loveless & Keith Loveless, Seattle
Neva Luke, Sammamish
Tracy Lundeen, formerly of Renton
Mary Mach, Renton
Jim Magnuson & Kim Magnuson, Renton
Tabetha Magnuson, Renton
Susan Mahler, formerly of Renton
Don Maletta & Marlene Maletta, Renton business owners
Marleen Mandt, Renton, Renton Airport Advisory Committee
Denise Marrese, Bellevue
Gerry Marsh, Renton, Renton Housing Authority Board
Mary Marsh, Renton
Sharon Mast, Bellevue
Maxine Matthew, Renton
Eric Matthews & Kate Matthews, Renton
Paula Matthysse
Denise Maxwell, formerly of Renton
Erin Maxwell, Renton
Meta Maxwell
Molly McAdams, Renton
Michelle McBride, Renton
Bevin McCloud, Seattle
Bob McCorkle & Sue McCorkle, Renton business owners

Helen McCormick, Renton
Ron McGaha, Renton

Lauren McGowan, Seattle
Ron McGowan, West Hill
Marilyn McGuire, Bellevue
Lyn McKay, West Hill
Kathy McKnight, Des Moines / formerly of Renton
Carol McLellan, Auburn
Kevin McPherson, Renton
Brian Mead, Renton
Jennifer Mechem, Mercer Island
Clare Meeker, Mercer Island
Laura Meyer, Renton
Laura Meyers, Maple Valley
John Middlebrooks, Renton
Linda Middlebrooks, Renton, Renton Municipal Arts Commission
Esther Mieldon & Willie Mieldon, Renton
Kerri Miles, Renton
Anne Miller, Renton
Colleen Miller, Olympia
Louise Miller, Renton

Pam Miller, Renton
Susan Miller, Renton

Kim Monroe, Renton
Ginger Montague
Clyde Moore, Newcastle
Jason Moore, Renton business owner

Quinton Morris, Seattle / formerly of Renton
Corll Morrissey, Renton
Priscilla Mundie, Renton
Bea Nahon, Kirkland
Vicki Navarro, Renton
Sharonne Navas, Renton, Green River College Trustee
Celia Nelson, Renton
Pam Nevi, Renton
Do William Nguyen
Uyen Nguyen, Seattle
Ed Niblock, Renton
Dr. Nancie Nordwick, Renton
Patrick O’Brien, Renton
Dr. Robert Odegard, Renton business owner
Mike O’Halloran, Renton, City of Renton Planning Commissioner
Valerie O’Halloran, Renton

Sean O’Neill, Renton
Chisa O’Quinn, Renton
Dylan Ordonez, Seattle
Estela Ortega, executive director El Centro de la Raza
Peter Orth, Bellevue
Danielle Ottesen Neil, Renton
Earl Overstreet, Bellevue business owner & Western WA University Trustee
Jim Owens & Sue Owens, Enumclaw / formerly of Renton
Kelli Paddock
Greg Page & Michelle Page, Sammamish
Puneet Parashar, Renton
Myung Park, Renton
Orlando Parra, Renton
Nancy Patterson, Renton
Heather Pauley
Elliot Paull, Issaquah
Roger Paulsen, Renton
Shannon Payne, Renton business owner
Edana Peacock, Newcastle
Kevin Peck, Mercer Island
Marian Peiffer, Newcastle
Jenn Penn
Diana Perez, Vancouver, WA
Sarah Perry, Issaquah
Amy Petersen, Renton
Chris Petzold, Issaquah, founder Indivisible 8th Congressional District
Penny Pfiester, Woodinville
Shannon Kessler Phelps, Renton
Katy Philips, Bellevue / formerly of Renton
Julia Phillips, Renton
Greg Piantanida & Sherre Piantanida, Renton

Elizabeth Piekarcxyk, Snoqualmie
Deena Pierott, Renton

Cassandra P Armstrong, Seattle
Kat Pipkin, Bellevue
Meg Pittman
Brenda Pittsley, Renton
Dr. Gary Plano, retired Superintendent, Mercer Island Schools
Jon Pozega, Kent
Tina Podlodowski, Seattle
Jim Poff, Renton, Communities In Schools Renton co-founder & Former Renton Airport Advisory
Rick Polintan, Renton
Cathleen Powell, Renton
Rashaad Powell, Renton
Kaaren Pritchard & Marc Pritchard, Renton
Jason Prouty, Renton
Brian Quint, Renton business owner
Barbara Rabon & Steve Rabon, Renton
Kris Raftis, West Hill
Dawn Rains
Linda Raleigh, Renton
Dale Ramezani
Santiago Ramos, Renton
Annette Ramsour, Renton
Bob Raphael, Renton business owner

Ruth Raskind, Bellevue
Bryce Rassilyer, Renton
Lisa Rasmussen, Renton, Renton business owner
Tali Rausch, Seattle
Joyce Ray, Renton
Bob Reeder, Renton, City of Renton Planning Commissioner

Janet Regge, Renton
Craig Reynolds, Mercer Island
Dr. Constance Rice, UW Regent
Wendy Rice, formerly of Renton
Gayle Richards, Covington
Julie Ricketts, Seattle, founder Code Blue Washington
Vera Risdon, Retired Superintendent, Renton School District
Victoria Risley & Christina Ryker, Renton
Becca Ritchie, Renton
Anne Rittenhouse & Ed Rittenhouse, Bellevue
Jason Rittereiser, Issaquah
Linda Ritualo & Randy, Ritualo, Renton
Janelle Roberts, Edmonds
Julius Caesar Robinson, Seattle
Margie Rosbach, Renton
AJ Rose, Renton
Elaine Rose, Seattle, retired executive, Planned Parenthood Votes NW
Deborah Rosen, Mercer Island
Bob Rosenberger, Seattle
Mary Jean Ryan, Seattle, Roadmap Project founder
Michelle Rylands, Auburn
Esther Sadis, Bellevue
Dan Sakaue, Renton
Deborah Salas
Nakisa Salashoor, Bellevue
Gary Sampson, Renton Area Youth Services board member
Lynn Sanborn, Kirkland
Christine Santos & Will Santos, Renton
Kimberly Scappini & Nick Scappini, Renton
Cheryl Scheuerman & Jerry Scheuerman, Renton

Aaron Schuler, Auburn
Judi Schafer & Ray Schafer, Renton
David Schneider, Renton
Margaret Schumsky, Renton
Dr. David Schwartz, Bellevue
Peni Schwartz, Mercer Island
Robyn Scola, Issaquah
Shelby Scovel, Renton
Charles Seil, Renton, City of Renton Planning Commissioner
Jeannine Seil, Renton
Gene Sens, Renton business owner
Mi Po Seto
KC Shankland, Maple Valley
Vasudha Sharma, Renton, Renton Mayor’s Inclusion Task Force
Vinod Sharma, Renton
Carol Sharratt, East Wenatchee
Gene Sharratt, retired Executive, Washington Student Achievement Council
Susan Sheary, Renton
Sue Sherwood, Mercer Island
Iantha Sidell, Mercer Island
Kathleen Sidwell, West Hill
Cindy Silverstein, Issaquah
Carol Simmons, Seattle
Lauren Simonds, Kirkland
Lynn Simpson, Renton

Greg Skagen, Renton
Sam Slatten, Bellevue
Gary Slotnik, former Renton business owner
Barbara J. Smith, Mercer Island
Dr. James Smith, Maple Valley, WA State African American Commissioner
Jami Smith, Renton, City of Renton Planning Commissioner
Leiana Smith, Renton
Dr. Linda M. Smith, Renton African-American Pastoral Group
Lynne Herer Smith, Seattle
Pam Smith, Renton
Milton Snyder, PhD, Former Superintendent, Federal Way & Marysville Schools
Mariana Sotres, Renton business owner
Nancy Spaeth, Mercer Island
Patty Spahr, Renton
Sheryl Speight, Sammamish
Kathleen Spitzer & Rob Spitzer, Mercer Island
Samara Spitzer, Renton
Lynn Staats, Newcastle
Kimberly Stephens, Renton
Courtney Stepp, Renton
Rodney Stewart, Renton
Sue Stewart, Redmond, former City Human Services Commission
Summer Stinson, President of Washington Paramount Duty
Miranda Stokes, Renton
Gail Stone, Bellevue
Marcie Stone-Vekich, Seattle
Bruce Stotler, Seattle
Denise Strasser, Renton
Karen Strickland, Seattle
Bill Strong & Brad Yeager-Strong, Renton
Johanna Strouss, Newcastle
Robin Stroben, Maple Valley, former Renton business owner
Joan Summers, Renton
Amy Suter, Renton
Alan Sutliff, Kent
William Sweezey, Renton
Mrunal Tak, Renton
Frieda Takamura, Renton, Renton Technical College Trustee
Candis Talley, Renton
Debra Talley, Renton
Michael Talley, Renton

Jesse Tam & Lilly Tam, Newcastle / formerly of Renton
JoEllen Tapper, Renton
Marian Tasa, Renton
Tom Tasa, Renton, retired executive director, Renton Housing Authority
Cheri Taylor & Ken Taylor, Auburn / formerly of Renton
Jackson Taylor, Seattle
Melissa Taylor, Seattle
Mike Teal, Renton
Betty Teel, Renton
Brian Teppner, Renton
Diane Terry, Seattle
Patricia Terry, Olympia
Tanita Terry, Renton

Dr. Don Thai, Physician, UW/Valley Medical Center in Renton
Linh Thai, Seattle
Charles Thomas, Renton
John Thomas, Renton
Sojin Thompson, former Renton Parks Board

Aimee Thornton, Seattle / formerly of Renton
Sachia Tinsley & Scott Cory, Renton business owners
Sandra Tone, Renton
Paul Torgeson, Renton
Duc Tran, Renton business owner

LeVinh Tran, Renton
Chris Tugwell, Renton
Larry Tukes & Marilyn Tukes, Seattle
Ikemefuma Udeze, Renton
Stephen Uy, Bellevue
Stephen Van Ingen, Renton
Venitia Vango, Renton
Stephanie Varnadore, Renton
Jill Veatural, Renton
Tony Ventrella, Newcastle, Newcastle Community Services Commissioner
Jim Ventris, Renton
Mary VonRanker, Seattle
Zer Vue, Kent
Ilyse Reiter Wagner, Bellevue
Carol Walker, Renton business owner
Dale Walker, Renton business owner

Glenn Wallace, Renton
Joyce Walters, Renton

Mary Ellen Walton, Renton
Linda Warmenhoven, Renton
Jody Warren, Sumner / formerly of Renton
Marilyn Wayman-Terry, Renton
Brent Weaver, Sammamish
Regina Weaver, Renton
Stephanie Webster, Renton  
Sharon Weibler, Renton
Sue Weibler, Renton
Bruce Wicks & Sharon Wicks, Renton
Gazalle Willecke & Josh Willecke, Renton
Catherine Williams, Covington
Eli Williams, Renton
Greg Wilson, Renton
Marlene Winter, Renton, City of Renton Parks Board
Roger Winter, Renton
Mary Winter & Steven Winter, Renton
Karen Wimberly & Lee Wimberly, Renton

Vickie Witchey, Maple Valley / formerly of Renton
Carrie Wong, Renton
Christy Wood, Seattle
Jerri Wood, Renton
Sharon Woodruff, Renton
Donna Wright, Renton
John Wurl & Noreen Wurl, Renton

Terry Yaplee, Renton
Bill Yeckel, Renton
Monica Yee & Stuart Yee, Renton
Laura Zarro, Renton

Peggy Ziebarth, Renton
Joe Zura & Terri Zura, Renton
Martha Zwicker, Renton  

Nancy Zwicker, Ravensdale

“Marcie Maxwell is the only candidate prepared to take on the challenging issues we face in these times! National, state and local issues intersect and all impact us. Marcie has been at the forefront of leading for real opportunity and inclusion for all families. Her support for Renton’s neighborhoods, businesses and public schools is unmatched. We need her depth of experience, unwavering commitment and indefatigable energy to serve our City!” – Gene Sens, Renton restaurant owner / Renton resident

“….Marcie has earned my trust and confidence. Accepting the status quo, standing still is not an option in a dynamic and growing city like Renton. It is complex, diverse and vibrant, just like Marcie. She knows and respects the history but will be looking to the future.
….Her history of engagement, leadership, passion and values are evident everywhere you look.”

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